January 31, 2013

Honeymoon Tips For Men For Their Best

Traditionally the groom’s responsibility includes a short and easy list that covers the basics from planning the honeymoon, hiring the band, handling the wedding day transportation and so on. And for the groom, that is where the “Wedding Planning” responsibilities USED to end! However, as many of you are already finding out, that isn’t the end, and we have listed a few things to consider and to keep in mind to make your PRE WEDDING life a bit easier and HAPPIER. This list may not apply to everyone, but we are sure that it will keep any groom out of the doghouse and more importantly, doing these top 10 things will keep your fiancé thrilled!

Before you book the trip, call around and ask several hotels you are considering if they offer any extras for the newly married. Some hotels will upgrade your room while others offer champagne and chocolates upon arrival.

Yes, we know most of you hate shopping. But you are expected to go with your fiancé to register, and yes this is a big deal and yes it will take hours. What helps is to make a day of it. Plan out where you are going to avoid sales or crowds and then plan to have lunch together and enjoy getting ready to set up this new life together. Keep in mind the gifts are free so enjoy this! Register for things you would never splurge for yourself and keep an open mind, you can always return it should you decide you will never use that ice cream maker and glow in the dark snack trays. Also keep in mind once you have the major stuff down most stores allow you to add items on line making this a much easier process.

Now that you have several honeymoon road trip ideas to choose from, it’s time to get ready for the trip. As a newlywed couple, make sure that you have up-to-date insurance for your car that covers both drivers. Be sure to let your insurance company know of any name changes. You can shop around for the best rates using auto insurance quotes online. There’s no need to keep separate policies once you are married; in fact, you’ll likely save more money combining your car insurance.

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