July 27, 2016

Love in air: 5 romantic escapes in Thailand


1. Phuket

Phuket is considered to be one the most romantic places in Thailand. It has beautiful beaches. It offers honeymoon packages. It offers you amazing hotels, beach bungalows, small luxury resorts, short trips, boutique hotels and many more. Hotels are available at Patong, Kata, Karon and all beaches on the island. One can pay the Thai rates in local currencies too. It has over 220 hotels and resorts. It has spas and special honeymoon packages too.

2. Romantic Chiang Mai honeymoon

Chiang Mai has many places to hang out and spend your time. It has magnificent temples, beautiful mountains and resorts. This place has an amazing blend of culture and nature. It has great cuisine and variety of food to offer at reasonable prices. The hotels are situated at places away from common din. There are activities such as rafting, temple touring and elephant trekking. Even one can opt for shopping at local markets where one can get things at cheaper rates. It is known as a ‘Thai Capital of Romance’.

3. The Tongsai Bay

The Tongsai Bay

It is a family owned hotel built in 1987 on the islands of Kon Samui in Thailand. It spreads over an area of 25 acres. It has calm and serene surroundings and is also known for its luxury. Relaxing at your lounge and sandy bay is an experience one will cherish. The staff is friendly and cooperative. It is considered as the most romantic hotel in Kon Samui. One can enjoy the honeymoon in the lap of nature. It has spas that even offer honeymoon packages.

4. Doi Tung

Doi Tung is also known as Flag Mountain, situated in Chiang Rai province. It is located in an area known as Golden Triangle. It is covered by evergreen and deciduous trees. This gives a good view of whole Thailand. Wat Phra That Doi Tung is a temple situated on the top of hill is a special attraction among the visitors. It is an important pilgrimage spot and has a famous botanical garden, Mae Fah Luang Gardens.

5. Krabi

Krabi is one of the most romantic places in Thailand. It has amazing beaches, beautiful scenes and best resorts to enjoy. It has everything to make your honeymoon a perfect one. Its blend of fun, culture and nature truly astonishes one. One can enjoy a range of hotels available. Rayavadee Resort on Phra Nang Cave beach has quite a name of itself. It provides special tours and packages for honeymoon couples.

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July 25, 2016

5 High end hotels in Phuket for honeymoon


1. Andakira hotel

This seven storey hotel has 104 air conditioned rooms offering all modern facilities including television, telephone, refrigerator etc. This high end hotel offers 24 hour front desk and dry cleaning service. This hotel has 2 modern pool side bars. The outdoor swimming pool of this hotel is a perfect place for the honeymooners to spend some quality time together. The public areas in this hotel offer hi speed Internet access. The massage center of this hotel offers superb spa treatment room. Built in 2009, all the rooms of this hotel offer stunning view of the ocean.

2. Dusit thani

Built in 1987, this three storey hotel has 226 well maintained air conditioned rooms equipped with all modern facilities including television, telephone, refrigerator etc. All the rooms are well decorated making the stay of the honeymooners more intimate. The hotel offers round the clock laundry and dry cleaning service. The common areas of this hotel offer internet access. Honeymooners can enjoy some quality time in the large outdoor pool of this high end hotel. The hotel has a large tennis court and a good restaurant serving Thai and international dishes.

3. Trisara

Built in 2004, Trisara is a perfect place for honeymooners because it has large private pools. The rooms are air conditioned, offering beautiful views of the sea. This hotel is surrounded by tropical gardens. The restaurant and bar of this hotel are modern and well decorated. This hotel features a large and a modern fitness center. Trisara boasts of 39 pool villas and suites, which offer complete privacy to the honeymooners. The staffs here are well behaved and helpful. This high end hotel offers 24 hour front desk and dry cleaning service. The public areas in this hotel have hi speed Internet access.

4. Twinpalms

This high end hotel with 76 air conditioned rooms is regarded by many as the best hotel for honeymooners in Phuket. Built in 2004, the rooms of this hotel are designed to make the stay of honeymooners more intimate. Honeymooners can enjoy some quality time in the large outdoor pool of this high end hotel. The bar and lounge of this hotel are well decorated and modern. This high end hotel offers round the clock front desk and dry cleaning service.

5. Sri panwa

Sri Panwa is a high end hotel known for offering homely atmosphere to its guest. This resort with private beach is perfect for honeymooners because it offers complete privacy. The rooms of this hotel are air conditioned and spacious. All the rooms offer stunning view of the ocean. The poolside bar of Sri Panwa allows the honeymooners to spend some intimate moments together.

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July 22, 2016

Patong: The dream destination for honeymooners in Phuket

Although Patong offers innumerable hotels and resorts which cater to all budgets, there some who opt for elegance and style, along with first class facilities and services. From over a two hundred Patong Beach hotels and resorts, below are five top choices that ooze elegance and style, while offering first class facilities and services.

1. Baan yie dee boutique resort:

Situated on a hill overlooking the Patong Bay and the Andaman Sea, it is the numero uno choice for the honeymooners. A boutique cum resort having only 22 rooms it offers unmatched luxury; comfort, and most important of all, privacy.

2. Holiday inn resort:

Located just 15 minutes from Phuket town and overlooking the tree lined, pristine white sand beach of Mai Khao, is the Holiday Inn Resort. Priding about its own landscaped grounds, it offers 405 rooms resort with that much needed seclusion.

3. Patong merlin hotel:

Nestled in 8 acres of coconut garden and tall palm trees, the Patong Merlin Hotel is the ultimate in luxury accommodation. Adding Merlin’s magic to its 400 luxurious rooms and suites that have been so simply out of this world designed and decorated, it is sure to please your senses and relax your mind.

4. Ibis Phuket:

Offering 260 rooms, the Ibis Phuket Hotel is one of the most sought after Hotels by the honeymooners as it a tranquil oasis amid the hustle bustle of Patong. Set facing in a picturesque bay, just a few minutes’ walk from the popular Patong Beach adds a youthful freshness to the island’s magnetic personality.

5. Andaman beach suites hotel:

Situated at a quiet northern end of the beach, 150 meters from Patong Beach, overlooking the Andaman Sea and one of the most exquisite destinations, is another such option for honeymooners, the Andaman Beach Suites Hotel. Surrounded by luxurious landscaped gardens, this 21 storied Hotel is the perfect place to relax and appreciate the pleasures of Phuket Island. Blending comfort with luxury in the gentle embrace of nature it offers excellent views of the beach and the day and night happenings all around it, from all the suites, rooms and the large balconies.

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10 Best places to celebrate New Year together


Sydney, the first city in the world to celebrate the new year and they really know how to do it with sensational parties. The city by the sea, offers some thing to everyone and hence everyone is welcomed to celebrate the start of the year in this city. With a beautiful background of Opera House and Harbour, the fireworks are magical and no one wants to miss it for anything.

Edinburgh, Scotland

For those who like to keep their celebration traditional, Edinburgh, Scotland is the place where you can enjoy this New Year Eve.The people over here follow their long and very different tradition of celebrating New Year. They still follow the tradition ‘first footing’ that is the male should first step the house and also the male should be dark. So, get traditional and start your New Year and don’t forget to get some gifts.

Tokyo, Japan

If you planning to had to Tokyo for your New Year celebrations, then you might have to just extend your weekend as the New Year celebrations starts from 29th of December to 2nd Jan of the next year. Also, you will find most of the local shops open to welcome customers which will not be seen any where else especially when New Year celebrations are on. They feast on long noodles symbolizing a long life and the Night watch bell which goes on ringing 108 times as a mark of prosperity.

Boston, USA

The celebrations of new year takes us back to the year 1976, where the celebrations start from 1 p.m. of the 31st dec, where a whole lot of events take place which are totally free of alcohol. Also, for those who cannot get up early the next day, post party celebrations go on at 7 p.m. with lots of fireworks to see.

Barcelona, Spain

This capital city of Spain will rise up to your expectations and will never let down them. It is not only because of the wine that flows freely but also because of the events that take place where you would have to swallow dozen grapes for every chime. This is done because every dozen marks good luck for the coming twelve months. So, if have the energy to join in the party from dusk to dawn you better head to Barcelona.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Who won’t like to party with a crowd of two million celebrants. Of course, you can expect a lot of music, dance and unlimited tune of Samba going on. But along with that, they also have a spiritual side of welcoming New Year. They toss flowers into the ocean as a tribute to Afro-Brazilian goddess. Once the clock strikes twelve, the fireworks start without fail and goes full night.

Hong Kong

The Chinese celebrations starts off with some warm up in which they binge on fried pastries and performance of ogling lions dancers. Also, you can get your fortune foretold to you admist of incense sticks. On the New Year eve you can also witness the Technicolor parade and the parade along with horse races. So, just get ready to go and enjoy your New Year in Chinese style.


Nothing’s more vibrant than the New York City. People standing in the cold weather to witness celebrity performances with people kissing their loved ones, when a six tons crystal ball drops from the flagpole atop Times Square. Nothing can be more exciting than wishing your loved ones in so much confetti.

Koh Phangan, Thailand

If you’re in the mood of party and want to dance all the night long, then you are welcome to Koh Phangan. Famous for full moon parties and festive year-round atmosphere, Koh Phangan welcomes everyone to the party with open arms. More than 50,000 people come and party on this Thai island for many days and if you’re young and worried about finding someone to party with then this is the place you have to be this year, as you would be partying with so many people who are like-minded. But do not leave your swimming costumes and flip-flops and be prepared to rest under beautiful palm trees.


Las Vegas,USA

Party is the ultimate aim once you cross the borders and are inside this party territory. People over here do not require a reason to party as party is a complete 365 days affair over here and when it is the New Year, you can’t help but join in the craziest city’s celebration. There is unlimited music, dance, drinks and fun that you will be partying for a couple of years. So don’t think twice before entering this party zone.

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July 20, 2016

Honeymoon destinations that will suit all!

1. Aloha

Aloha, Hawaii is a beautiful honeymoon destination for people who love to be in the vicinity of sea, waterfalls, mountains and even volcano. Along with the natural backdrop, you can also enjoy Waikiki’s hustle and bustle. Amalgamation of all these features makes Aloha Hawaii an ideal honeymoon destination. You can enjoy enormous dining options, gym, surfboard etc. in Hawaii. A unique feature of this destination is the Diamond Head (a volcanic crater).

2. Culebra

Culebra is a secluded, unusual and romantic location for your honeymoon. You and your spouse can enjoy beaches and the sea. Culebra is an ideal place to go for scuba diving and snorkeling. You will enjoy Culebra’s tranquility and laid back ambience. This serenity of Culebra has made it one of the most visited honeymoon destination.

3. Paris

Paris is perceived to be the most romantic city for honeymooners. There are numerous spots where you can cuddle and kiss each other. Apart from the Eiffel Tower you should visit Notre Dame and Arc de Triomphe and enjoy the spectacular view of Paris from there. You can visit the lavish Chateau de Versaille and also the Chartres Cathedral. To experience royalty, you can stay at Chateau d’Esclimont. To be in the vicinity of nature enjoy the gorgeous gardens of Paris. One of the most famous garden of Paris is Luxembourg Gardens. From there you can also see the Luxembourg Castle. Do not forget to enjoy delicious wine in Paris.

4. Rodrigues Island

People who visit Rodrigues Island find it to be an excellent place for honeymoon. It is a very romantic, secluded and quiet island. The environment of the island resembles the 20th Century era. The Rodrigues Island is surrounded by a large lagoon. The lagoon is extremely mesmerizing as it is surrounded by mountains and valleys. You can go on a trek in the hills and enjoy the paths which are very less travelled and free of any traffic.

5. Bahamas Honeymoon

Bahamas has been a very popular destination among honeymooners since several decades. 700 islands constitute the Bahamas island. The Paradise and Nassau Island are the most visited ones. It is very easy to reach Bahamas from anywhere in USA. For staying you can opt for Sandals Resorts or Breezes Bahamas. They present a wine bottle to every couple. These resorts are only for adults. You can commute between Paradise Island and Nassau Island by foot bridges. During your stay you can indulge in several water as well as land sports.

6. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is very easily accessible and a low priced place. Another reason for popularity of Dominican Republic is its stunning turquoise beaches. You can enjoy varied water sports in Dominican Republic.

7 Fiji Islands

If you desire for a romantic honeymoon, you should opt for Fiji Islands. The immaculate white beaches of Fiji are very beautiful. The sea breeze which comes through palm trees makes Fiji island very romantic. The environment of the island is further enhanced by the aroma of the tropical flowers.

8. Venice

The inscrutability of Venice cannot be portrayed in words. You can either roam in the isolated alleys of Venice or slither all along the canals of Venice in gondolas. A must visit during your honeymoon is the St. Marks square. You can visit the famous city of Verona. Verona is the city which has been described extensively in the plays of Shakespeare.

9. The Grenadines & St. Vincent

St. Vincent has black sand beaches whereas the Grenadines have white beaches. These beaches are very secluded. There are several botanical gardens here which date back to 1765. It also has an archaeological museum. You can go for a trek in the rainforest of the Buccament Valley. Places to visit here are the Baleine Falls and Fort Charlotte.


Santorini Myconos is a romantic and secluded destination for honeymoon. You can enjoy the beaches here. Santorini Myconos is full of Greek Churches. You can visit them and experience the beauty of the Greek structural design.

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July 19, 2016

10 Things that every honeymooner needs to know before going on a honeymoon

1. Pre plan your budget

Before planning your honeymoon, you need to first plan your budget, check out whether your wallet allows you to spend a night at a luxurious hotel or not. You have to figure out the total money that you possess to spend beforehand.

2. Discuss your thought of the ideal vacation

Make sure that you only choose such location, which means to you the most. For example, if you are interested to sit under the sun or like sports or want to travel around an exotic destination, choose the honeymoon spot according to that. As this place is the right way to start your marriage.

3. Select your destination

When you are on a pre planned budget, bear in your mind that numerous places modify their rates seasonally. For example, it is economical to have a trip to Caribbean in summers. As it is known for its winter activities, therefore, it will cost less in summers.

4. Hire a travel agent

Hiring a travel agent won’t cost you more money. But, he can call for the entire arrangements without making you to worry for them. In addition, if you need any kind of help on your honeymoon, you can call him and make your all doubts clear.

5. Passport

Ensure that you take your passport and visa with you, if required. If you require a booster, then make it clear before the wedding ceremony.

6. Make honeymoon reservation

Honeymooners are always welcomed pleasingly, in the hope that someday they will return again. They are offered a better room and service with no charge and many more facilities.

7. Get a privacy protection

If you had a destination wedding, this thing is very important as you may have a lot of guests hanging around you. As honeymoon is just about two of you, we are sure you won’t like getting disturbed by anything or a anyone.

8. Take extra cash

When you go for a holiday trip, there are possibilities that you may encounter certain problems or want to stay in an all inclusive hotel, which may comprise things such as lodging, drinks, foods, tips, transfers, etc.

9. Timing schedule

Make your schedule perfectly, so that you spend quality time at each location of your honeymoon destination.

10. Consider the wishes of your spouse

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July 18, 2016

10 Exotic Caribbean honeymoon destinations


1. Grenada

This spice rich island is sure to add spice to your romance too. This honeymoon destination is most suitable for the couples who like to indulge in some fun activities together with romancing during honeymoon. The natural resources of Grenada, comprising of the natural waterfalls, dense rainforests, white and black sandy beaches and the assortment of tropical animals will be a great surprise for the city dwelling couples.

2. Trinidad and Tobago

Plan a visit to Trinidad and Tobago on your honeymoon and you will definitely love the distinct culture of the two islands. Though they are connected together with each other by virtue of their common sovereign government, you will have a flavor of two separate destinations as you come to this twin islands. Trinidad will reflect the feel of a typical South African destination that is characterized by drums, calypsos, Caribbean music and friendly locals. Tabago, on the other hand, will present the typical attributes of a splendid island destination with its natural beaches and resorts overlooking the sea.

3. St. Martin

A visit to this small volcanic island with your spouse will be a treat for both of you. The most amusing thing you will love to know about this tiny island is that it is shared by two different governments; the Dutch and the French, who call it in two separate names. While it is St. Marteen for the Dutch, it is St. Martin for the French. All your plans of fun, frolicking, romancing and adult enjoyment will be catered to by this island. It features activities like boating, wind surfing, snorkeling, bowling, hiking etc. along with as many as twelve casinos at the Dutch side.

4. St. Barthélemy

If you plan for a luxurious and rich honeymoon, then you can always consider this French island. This island offers all the luxury to the honeymooners in the form of private villas that are rented out in exchange of money. These villas also offer the facility of private chefs who cook gourmet meals as per the customer specifications. The scenic beauty of the place comprises of beaches that are mostly frequented by celebrities.

5. Martinique

Martinique will give you the original taste of French honeymoon by virtue of its French speaking friendly locals, the delicious French food, seafood cooked with Creole spices and the exciting shopping spree. The pleasant scene of the wriggling ocean waters and the palm trees on the beach lying parallel to the shore and the silvery, sandy beach will mesmerize you and your spouse. Indulge in fun activities on the island like scuba diving, windsurfing, swimming etc.

6. Dominican Republic

If you plan to have an extravagant honeymoon which will be affordable to you, then you can always find the Dominican Republic best for you. You will have lots of activities to do on this island. Thus, right from taking leisurely stroll on the sand filled beach holding hand in hand to hiking up the 10,000 feet peak, the range of activities are unlimited. Never miss the plantains, roasted chickens and grilled fished along with cold beer in the leisure evenings of your honeymoon with your beloved by your side.

7. St. Vincent and the Grenadines

These are the twin islands which are famous Caribbean honeymoon destinations. These islands are less visited than other Caribbean islands. So, the honeymooners will find greater opportunities to explore each other’s togetherness in privacy. While the St. Vincent islands contain active volcanoes and rainforest, the Grenadines is the home of the native fishermen and boat builders. But honeymoon in these islands are expensive.

8. Nevis

This small Caribbean island is dotted with sugarcane plantation and volcanoes. Activity loving couples will love to hike in this island of the Caribbean and enjoy lounging and boating too. The beach hotels give a panoramic view of the blue ocean waters and the coconut groove bordering the shore. The vervet monkeys found in this island will also satiate your hunger of wildlife expedition.

9. Turks and Caicos


Located in the southeastern direction to Miami, these two islands are rich in live coral reefs. These islands give the honeymooners the experience of visiting the best tropical beaches in the world. The warm hospitality of the destination, the long stretch of sandy beaches, lush crystal clear ocean waters and the lush greenery along the shore make the visitors come to this destination over and over again. It is a heaven for the active honeymooners who will love to indulge in diving and snorkeling.

10. Anguilla

This British territory is marked by quiet beaches and luxurious resorts. The sparingly populated beaches give the much needed privacy to the newly weds. You can also satisfy your tongue to visiting as many as hundred restaurants available here. Apart from the usual beach activities like snorkeling, biking, golf etc., you can also enjoy bird watching as the place is rich in 130 different species of birds.

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July 16, 2016

The smart groom for a happy union

1. A happy, helpful groom

There are men who do not make any attempt to ask or even to offer help. If you are happily involved in the preparations, your fiancee will be thrilled and touched by your help. You can do so by drafting up your engagement announcement and making up a list of invitees. You can go further by working out a wedding budget with your fiancee and making an organized and detailed addresses of the guests.

2. Register together

Plan a day together with your fiancee for shopping together with a lunch thrown in for good measure. Register for things together which you may not otherwise spend on yourself as it would be great fun for you both. The gifts are free and most stores allow you to add items on line, making things easier for you both. You can always return back the items that you may eventually not require.

3. Be discreetly smart

You need to keep in mind that the presence of the ex-girlfriend is a definite disaster, so do not even mention the thought of it. Your fiancee will already be stressed out with so many opinions, suggestions and advices and this is bound to erupt at a bad moment, particularly if your mother starts whining. You need to be the buffer to smooth things over. While talking of your fiancee, do not refer to her with playful but uncomplimentary names as this will appear to her as if she has put a stop to your carefree days.

4. Keep the romance going

Why not suggest to your fiancee that you both can take some dance lessons for the big day?! This will ensure that you will not ruin the first dance by stepping all over her in front of the crowd. She will be thrilled by your thoughtful precaution and what’s more, you can even pay interest to the special song for your dance.

5. Be involved

Offer to return the duplicate gifts, stuff the envelopes or pick up the favors together, as this will be less stressful. Keep your ears open and make sure that her bridal shower is being planned well even though you may not be directly involved.

6. Play nice

Keep her happy by comforting her that no matter how flawless one tries to make the wedding, sometimes, things may not always work out the way that she had wanted. Remind her that, despite all unavoidable setbacks, the most important thing is that both of you are together.

7. Create your honeymoon wishlist together

Pick the honeymoon destination together, depending on what you both want out of this important trip of a lifetime. Choose the location that makes both of you happy and comfortable.

8. Research romance

You are very wrong if you think that romance ends with the marriage vows. If you are not much of a romantic, then do some research which will help you pull through the honeymoon and at least, the first year of marriage and beyond. You can always romance her by bringing her coffee in the mornings, drawing her a bath, lighting up candles, preparing her lunch and leaving loving notes in her purse.

9. Be realistic

The stress and hectic pace of the wedding day may tire you both out on the first night together. Why not make up by sleeping in late the next day and checking out late. This will make a more relaxed time together 

10. Plan for the best honeymoon

This is going to be the trip of a lifetime with treasured memories, so be wise and do not penny pinch. Find the best travel agent, locate your desired destination and ensure that both of you are open to the plan wholeheartedly.

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July 15, 2016

The best pubs and nightclubs in Hanoi

1. Apocalypse Now

This is a large smoky bar which is always full of American men and Vietnamese women. Apocalypse Now has become an icon in Hanoian nightlife. However, the bar is full of women whose virtues are definitely questionable. This is a great hang-out place for expats with loads of good music and cold Tiger Beer. The tourists usually love visiting this place on weekdays as you can play free games of pool but on weekends, it’s only non-stop dancing. The ambiance has been specially designed to re-create the atmosphere of the old bunkers of Vietnam War.

2. Funky Buddha

This is one of the new lounge bars in Hanoi and looks very shiny and clean. The place attracts a lot of teenagers with the shimmering lights on the dance floor and the conventional dance music that is played here. The weekends are jam packed with huge demands of Tequila.

3. Dragonfly

The Dragonfly has a very small dance floor but still manages to be popular with the young generation. The main attractions of this place are the hip-hop music and the cheap drinks. The second floor houses a Turkish water-pipe lounge. The atmosphere of the place is very friendly with a good mixture of local expats and the tourists. Sundays are dedicated ladies’ nights at Dragonfly.

4. Finnegan’s Irish Pub

This is the only Irish themed pub in Hanoi and the moment you step into this place, you will understand how authentic it is. The ice-cold beer that they serve is very refreshing. Other attractions are Irish delights like bangers & mash and the 3-course Sunday roast. The place has a lot of din and not appropriate for a cozy conversation but a good place to have your drinks. There is also a happy hour between Saturday and Thursday.

5. Le Pub

This is a posh pub in the Old Quarter and just minutes from the Hoan Kiem Lake. The premise is air-conditioned but there is an option to sit outside. It has some real good food items like pho, bun cha, roast dinners, pizzas and burgers. The wine list is the best in town. There are selected drinks on a particular night which sells for only $1. For example, you can have Tequila Night on Mondays, Vodka on Tuesday and Gin on Wednesdays. You can get cocktails on Thursdays for only $2.

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July 14, 2016

Tips to get the most from a travel agent

1. Choose professionals

It is better to go for agents with professional certifications like the CTA (Certified Travel Associate), DS (Destination Specialist) or CTC (Certified Travel Counselor) with CTC being the highest as it is given to agents who have completed an academic course in the discipline and have more than 5 years of experience working in the field.

2. Check for credentials

Do a background check on the agent and see if you can get some recommendations from previous clients. Look for agents listed on the ASTA (asta.org) and it would be great if your agent can help you out in case your flight gets cancelled or if you want it rescheduled.

3. Investigate on your own

Do not rely on the travel agent blindly, search for information on your own also. Get information on the climatic conditions, places to see, culture, historical monuments and other details about your end destination. A good place to start would be the government owned website of the destination you are planning to visit, and also go through well known travel magazines or sites. This will help you hold a better discussion with the agent and understand their viewpoints clearly.

4. Book well in advance

Planning a vacation is not an easy task: you should make sure that you get a good deal as you are spending quite a bit of money. Acquire all details about your hotel and itinerary and get hold of all niceties before you embark on your journey. Any disappointments or surprises will mar your vacation time and leave a sour taste in the mouth. So, give ample of time to plan out your vacation by making arrangements about 3-6 months in advance.

5. Be open about your budget

Give travelers a close estimate of your budget so that he can work out the best deal for you from the start. Let him know what you intend to splurge on; be it fine dining, sports, shopping, spas or something else. Some travel agents will inform only about very costly tours hoping to make more money, so make sure that you get details of other lower priced tours also to ascertain if you are getting the best value.

6. Find out about rebates

Keep track of all the discounts and rebate schemes offered by the agency, hotel or tourism board as these will help to cut down expenses. Keep the travel agent informed about all services you use frequently and organizations you are associated with, sometimes you can get a price markdown through affiliations and partnership programs. There are also special fares, booking discounts, and hotel deals that you can take advantage of.

7. Discuss your priorities and interests

Provide guidance to the travel agent by letting them know about your tastes, preferences and interests. There are a number of things to do no matter where you go, therefore inform the agent if your priority is lazing around, shopping, fine dining or adventure sports. This way they can plan out a better itinerary for you.

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July 11, 2016

Destination Piedmont for an epicurean couple!

Piedmont region has Europe’s most elegant cities along with marvelous local wines such as Barolo. It is also famous for its pungent truffles that are its prized gourmets. It is a food lovers’ paradise as the two renowned wines, Barolo and Barbaresco are grown and produced here. The largest vineyard in this area is located in Fontandafredda that has extensive cellars open to visitors.

The area is also famous for its hills lined with hazelnut trees that is a major ingredient in some of the best chocolates around the world. It is also the producer of nutella, the chocolate spread which is a famous breakfast food like peanut butter in the U.S.

Pollenzo, is famous for its Piedmontese cuisine and is also the home for world’s first college of Gastronomy. This University of Gastronomic Sciences has a special bank. This bank doesn’t keep cash, but it stores samples of wine from all wine producers in Italy. You and your partner can roam around in this bank and taste the exotic wines.

Turin, a famous city in this region hosted Winter Olympics in 2006. This place has some of the best resorts and skiing locations. This city is famous for its great drinks. The drink Bicerin has a delicious layering of coffee and hot chocolate with a heavy cream on the top. Al Bicerin, is the cafe founded in 18th century that is known to serve the best and authentic Bicerin. The cafe is run by women and its drinks will leave a lingering taste in your mouth.

Apart from this, any food lover may find this region a haven as this place offers several delectable delights. The cuisine intermingles flavors from French and Mediterranean Italian cultures. Fondue is a special feature here. Try Bagna Caoda, its a delightful fondue with sauce made from anchovies, garlic, cream and olive oil. You can indulge in the rich cuisine of this region where most of the items are loaded with cream, butter and olive oil. Pastas and risottos have delicate garnishing of truffle. After eating these savory items, you can try several delicate, delectable desserts that has different flavors to match a variety of palates.

When you are in this region you can also visit the Automobile Museum in Turin which houses cars from the Italian automobile giant, Fiat.

Piedmont is an extraordinarily varied region. Areas like Sauze D’ Oulx, Limone Piemonte, Prato Nevoso and Sestriere are haven for skiers. Acqui Terme is the spa town where you and your partner can relax and rejuvenate yourself. Visit Mont Blanc for its cable cars that provide breath taking view of this beautiful location.

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July 9, 2016

10 Beauty essentials to tuck into your bag

Solerra sunless tanning mitt

The Solerra sunless tanning mitt is a great anti-tanning product that is easy to carry in your luggage and equally easy to apply. You can conveniently protect your skin while tanning it. This tanning product will protect you from the rising incidences of skin cancer as you don’t need plenty of sun for getting this tan. The Solérra® Sunless Tanning Mitt is enriched with a clear formula that gives your skin a sunless natural tan within 4-6 hours that can last more than a week. With single application, you can spread the formula evenly on to your face.

La Prairie Illuminating Powder

With the La Prairie illuminating powder, you can get a quick natural tan with this cellular formula in a jiffy! This powder can be used in place of a blush and will give your skin the perfect natural sun kissed hue. This compact powder is easy to carry in your bag and will add the natural glow – perfect for a candle light dinner.

Become beauty tinted sunblock

The Become beauty tinted sunblock has an intensity of SPF 30 and is great for keeping your skin moisturized and protected from the sun at the same time. This sunblock does not look caked up – and that is not how you want to look like when you are relaxing by the beach. This amazing sunblock sinks into your skin and also hides the flaws – making you look perfect in day time. You can choose the shade that matches your skin color as this beauty tinted sunblock is available in three shades.


Every bride should pack a Pomega5 in her trousseau and pamper herself with the Pomega5 products, which are very handy to carry on your honeymoon. This entire kit has sufficient quantity to last around 10 days and all the beauty products come in a chic red colored organza bag containing small lemongrass cleansing bars, a healing cream, a green tea mattifying moisturizer and revitalizing formula for your skin. The fragrance of the products is amazing as they are made out of rich skin recipes that make use of the purest of ingredients. However, do try it out before your honeymoon, as you don’t want any skin allergies upon using it and ruining your honeymoon.



The NARS multiple is quite costly but if you want to save on space and convenience then it is a must-have for sure. The Multiple has many usages and you can apply this on your cheeks, lips as well as eyes. Just stick one of these sticks in your purse and you have a three-in-one combo makeup kit at your disposal.

Powdered dry shampoo (a fine toothed comb)

The powdered dry shampoo is a genius of a product and is perfect to be marooned with on an island. If you are on your way to a great place for dinner and you notice that your hair looks pretty greasy but you don’t have the time to wash it, then all you have to do is sprinkle a quarter of a teaspoon of this shampoo on your roots, wait for 10 minutes and then use the fine toothed comb for giving your locks the extra lift. Klorane’s Gentle Dry Shampoo with oat extract is a great option for a powdered dry shampoo.

Travel containers

It is very important to carry your favorite creams and moisturizers, but buying those smaller travel packs may cost you additional bucks. So, you should go out shopping for products that have small containers that are good for refilling, come back home, empty the contents and refill them with your reliable creams. This way, you wouldn’t be wasting money on smaller packs unnecessarily.

Olay Regenerist recovery moisturizing treatment

Jetlag and night flights can really wear you out and all that tiredness shows on your face. So make sure you carry a Olay Regenerist recovery moisturizing treatment in your bag and apply it during the night time to keep your skin smoother and softer the next day. No matter how little you’ve slept, it just won’t show.

Bobble filtered water bottle

The most important component of our body is water and we need to drink plenty of it to keep our skin supple and soft. Since water comes free from the fountains, therefore, why not go green and use a Bobble filtered water bottle instead of buying those disposable plastic bottles. This filter equipped and stylish bottle is very lightweight and great to carry.

Rohto V arctic eye drops

If you have dry or sensitive eyes, then do carry Rohto V arctic eye drops with you to prevent your eyes from watering and puffing up. Just squeeze a few drops and make your eyes look gorgeous all the time.

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July 8, 2016

10 Must see sites for honeymoon couples in Martinique

Here is a description of 10 must see places in Martinique for honeymoon couples.

1. Pointe du Bout

Pointe du Bout is a beautiful beach area in Martinique on the bay of Fort de France. It overlooks the Fort de France. The hotels here offer a beautiful and panoramic view of the Fort and the ocean. There are a number of artificial beaches in this area, which give a lot of seclusion. All the beaches have long chairs and floating bars and are a wonderful place to relax and spend some cozy time together. The only drawback of this place is the price; most of the things here are overpriced.

2. Fort-de-France

Fort de France is the capital city of Martinique and offers a number of attractions for tourists especially the honeymoon couples. The city has colonial architecture and the best way to enter the city is from the sea. The city is very charming and quaint, though a little crowded. There are a number of fashion boutiques and the city is just beautiful to walk along leisurely.

3. Basse Pointe

Basse Point is a city located on the slopes of the Mountain Pelee. The city is located on a comparatively flat rocky patch and therefore offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains. The tropical climate of the city combines with the green and lush trees. The beautiful sea and the mountains make it an ideal honeymoon spot simply for the awesome views that it offers.

4. Saint Pierre Martinique

This village was once the glorious economic capital of Martinique before it was destroyed by the volcanic eruption of Mt. Pelee. It is located at the base of the mountain and is a wonderful place for honeymooning couples looking for peace and quietness. It is widely considered a city of art and history. Do not miss the harbor of this seaside village. The most important attraction of course is the ruins of the former village.

5. Hotel La Suite Villa

One of the most beautiful places that one can ever see, this villa is located in a lush greenery and flowery place. It is especially suited for honeymoon couples who need to spend time together in a picturesque place. The place is very elegant and beautiful and the owners take great care in serving the guests. The terrace and the pool are the best places to hang out in the villa. For the adventurous people, there are even kite surfing classes.

6. The La Mauny Rum Distillery

Rum is the most consumed liquid in Martinique and this distillery takes you through all the steps of the making of the rum. There is free tasting of rum during the tour. The distillery also has a boutique shop from where you can get nice souvenirs. The distillery will be a nice break from sightseeing and a good place to spend the time together.

7. The Tropical Rainforest

Caribbean is known for its tropical weather and the tropical rainforest, which starts from the slopes of Pitons du Carbet to the southern slopes of Mt. Pelee. The forest is dense with lush vegetation and is beautiful and magnificent. There are a number of tropical trees like bamboos, ferns, palms, mahogany, and many others. The forest is a protected area and therefore makes for an interesting walking route.

8. Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique

These are three beautiful islands located in Martinique and each one is uniquely interesting. Grenada is a beautiful volcanic beach town with its own tropical forest and harbors. There are a number of secluded coves for couples and beach bars for relaxing. Carriacou is a quiet, lonely island that is known for its tranquility. It offers beautiful views of the sea, scuba diving options, and nice charming villages. Petite Martinique, on the other hand, is also secluded and quiet, but there are very few things to do for visitors and there are not too many facilities for tourists.

9. Diamond Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches one can ever see, Diamond Beach is a quiet and peaceful beach that sees few visitors merely because of its quietness. This beach is, however, ideal for honeymooners. There are no places to stay and therefore it is better to visit the beach just for a day.

10. Schoelcher Library

This place is a must visit not for its books but rather for its design and architecture. This was built in the 19th century in Paris. A collection of over 130000 books is available in this library for the book lovers.

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July 7, 2016

Finest ski resorts for honeymoon families

1. Aspen Snowmass Ski RESORT

The ski RESORT, Aspen Snowmass, comprises four peaks, Aspen Mountain, Snowmass, Buttermilk and Aspen Highlands. In Buttermilk, there is something for everyone, this place is an ideal location for beginners and whole honeymoon family will definitely love the West Buttermilk’s wide, long groomers. Besides, the Treehouse kid’s adventure mainly takes place in Snowmass that brings ski and snowboard programs, teen and family activities, kids’ daycare and entertainment all together under single roof.

2. Beaver Creek Ski Resort

Beaver Creek Ski RESORT offers topography for all level of skiers, with a great skiing over 1800 acres. In addition, this RESORT offers special ski programs for honeymoon families, adult skiers, children, Nordic skiers and adaptive skies.

3. Breckenridge Ski Resort

In Breckenridge ski RESORT or Colorado ski vacation, the skiing might be a bit risky as there will be a lot of skiers. Hence, for the sake of your ease, they will provide you with full calendar of events and activities that takes place during the season.

4. The Canyons

The average snowfall recorded in the Canyons ski RESORT is 355 inches and is acknowledged as the largest sole resort of ski and snowboard in Utah and is considered among one of the 5 largest ski resorts in USA. Even if you are a beginner, you can get on the track over the slopes to professional skiers.

5. Deer Valley Ski RESORT

The Deer Valley ski RESORT offers a grand attention to the skiers; it’s great to witness why it persistently wins the votes, minds and hearts of skiers. The resort of Deer Valley does not relax over its glory but is often looking to provide extra services to guests.

6. Heavenly

The ski RESORT Heavenly is located on the border of Nevada and California and is an ideal location for a honeymoon family ski holiday, with many activities for the people of all ages, both over and beneath the slopes.

7. Keystone Ski Resort

This RESORT is a perfect location for ski holidays, with topography for all level of skiers. Besides, it offers lots of on and off slope activities. At this place, you will find information regarding snowboarding and skiing lessons, keystone, keystone family activities and villages.

8. Killington Ski Resort

This wonderful resort comprises six mountains, 33 chair lifts and 200 trails. In eastern North America, Killington has one of the best ski seasons and also offers finest skiing for all level skiers. You can also learn lessons regarding skiing at the ski school of Killington despite abilities and ages.

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July 6, 2016

10 Must carry beach items

Beach umbrella

You must carry a beach umbrella with you on a beach. Although the basic purpose of going to the beach is to bask under the sun for that gorgeous tanned look, you should have the option to rest under a shade if the sun gets too hot. When choosing the color of the umbrella, select lighter shades such as white or pastels that help reflect sunlight.

Mineral water spray

You must also always carry a bottle of mineral water spray with you. It will help to rehydrate your skin if it has been exposed to too much sun. It will also help in moistening your skin if it has become dry and make you feel fresh in an instant. However, make sure that the mineral water spray you buy is from a reputed brand as you wouldn’t want to take any chances of damaging your skin.

Beach hat

A beach hat is a definite must have for a beach outing. Not only does it protect you from the harsh sun, you can also make a cool style statement by choosing the right type of beach hat. Guys can go for cool straw hats with a wide brim for maximum head and neck coverage. Girls, on the other hand, can sport hats with ribbons, sequins, or buckles.

Beach sunglasses

Beach sunglasses are another important item you need to carry with you on the beach. Like the beach hat, beach sunglasses also help protect your eyes at the same time making you look fashionable. Choose sunglasses with big lenses that are not only in fashion at the moment but will also help you cover a larger part of your face apart from your eyes.

Abo gear beach hugger

This is one cool accessory to carry with you on the beach. It’s an oversized towel for two which can be secured to the ground with the four pegs provided at the corners. Save yourself from the trouble of putting your sandy shoes on the towel to keep it from blowing away.

Beach blanket

If you don’t already have one, make sure you buy a beach blanket in vibrant colors. You can go for a nylon blanket which is not only a quick dry material but also easy to clean. Beach blankets also come in the fold able variety making it easy to carry.

iPhone 3G water resistant case

Carry a water resistant case for your iPhone. When you are on the beach you don’t want to take any chances with your expensive gadgets. You wouldn’t want your precious iPhone to get damaged in water, do you? It’s better to be careful before than regret later.

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July 5, 2016

top 10 ways to boost your romance quotient

Hide a heart

One of the effortless, pleasurable and cute ways to keep the passion spark is by hiding a heart to say “I love you”. Slip it in your honeymoon travel case and express your love in a surprise game. Make sure to have fun rules before your partner finds where it is. It is one of the most delightful ways to convey love and affirmative interaction.

Travel tins

Travel tins are fantastic for gearing up those love vibes in the suite. The tins come in an array of beautiful fragrances and smell like a wonderful dream. They can even turn into perfumed candles, lighting up your room and hearts. Do not worry about the space as these travel tins are teeny to be tucked in with all your clothes.

Love pak

Entice your partner in an extra special way to let him know what you are feeling at the moment. Slip in these extraordinary little cards called Love Paks in his travel bag to make him have a glimpse of your romantic honeymoon together. The notes do not only have to be sweet nothings telling him what a good guy he is. You can be as passionate and naughty as possible. Your honeymoon is definitely going to be a super success.

Honeymoon table topics “To Go”

These conversation cards are just the ideal stuff to get you out of those dull days. You cannot just get stuck in that room forever and not make it fun. These pack of cards with such exciting topics with hilarious yet significant questions can get you both on the roll for quite some time. There will be no hazard of asking all the risky questions and will keep you both amused for a long time.

A Romantic rubdown

What is more romantic than you and your loved one getting totally pampered at a world class spa? Before you commence on that passionate honeymoon, call up in advance and RESERVE a couple’s treatment at a magnificent spa where tenderness, fragrance and touch come together. It is such an excellent way to ditch the wedding jitters and enter the celebratory turf. Make sure to go there at least an hour before the massage and unwind in the pool, shower or snack bar. Inquire about the type of products being used because you have to be certain about their quality.


Gorgeous lingerie and lounge wear embracing sexy, handy yet comfy pieces define Brulee brilliantly. Handcrafted in NYC out of the most excellent silk, cotton and jersey fabric, each piece is worth admiring. It features refined details and elaborate workmanship by means of hand cast gold and crystal hardware. They have wonderfully sexy boy shorts, bralettes, bodysuits, nightshirts and camisoles which will definitely make the NIGHTS smoking hot.

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July 4, 2016

Visit Riviera Maya, Mexico for a memorable honeymoon experience

Notable towns in Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is studded with ideal honeymoon havens that are separated by unspoiled terrain. Notable towns in the region include Isla Mujeres and the Cozumel islands, Tulum, Puerto Morelos and Palaya Del Carmen.

What makes the Riviera Maya so unique?

Just like the much more famous French Riviera, the Riviera Maya is a hotbed of the rich Mexican culture with a number of clear water beaches, tropical gardens filled with rare plants exotic animals, pristine white sand beaches, ecological preserves and parks and a number of Mayan ruins and sites that transport you to the country’s magical past.

Explore an ancient culture

Tulum is the only Mayan city located along the seaside which makes it a prime exploration site for history and archeology buffs. The region is studded with modern accommodation options, amenities and activity options though couples can still enjoy ancient culture and language of the region in Mayan villages. Remnants of the mysterious ancient civilization can be explored in the seldom seen ruins.

Shopping for souvenirs

Shopping for souvenirs in the Riviera Maya can be an especially rewarding experience as the entire coastal stretch is laden with a number of exciting shopping venues. The biggest town in the region, Playa del Carmen is known for a number of superb shopping locales that is famed for one-of-a-kind jewelry made from semiprecious stones. La Quinta Avenida, Wayan Village, the Flea Market in Puerto Morelos and the Galeria Lamanai are known for selling quality products from regional artisans.

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July 2, 2016

5 unique gift ideas for honeymoon


1. Picture frame

A picture frame with a snap of one of your ‘picture perfect’ moments together will be a great idea in this situation. It will serve as a keepsake when you return back from the trip, and help both of you to get nostalgic whenever you look at it! A plus on this will be it you get one where the date of journey and place can be etched.


They say that chocolates are one of the primary aphrodisiac foods that enhance your love life! Why not select a beautiful box of chocolates for your spouse as a honeymoon gift? The box can be retained as a memoir when you return back!

3. Perfumes

Fragrances have magnetic spell that makes you come closer to each other. Therefore, perfumes in beautiful bottles can also be a great pick.

4. Gourmet gift basket

If you love ‘extra’ then choose a large box of assorted gifts for your spouse. Remember to make it a gourmet basket so that the sweetness of the GIFT cast its spell in your relationship too.

5. Lingerie

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July 1, 2016

How to make you Maui honeymoon perfect

Maui is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world which means that the island is studded with a number of five star hotels, high end resorts and world class private VILLAS as well as number of more affordable options both inlands and right at the beach as well.

What to do?

During your Maui honeymoon, you must experience an authentic Hawaiian luau at the Old Lahaina Luau, wonder at the beauty of the exotic plants and FLOWERS at the Botanical Gardens, take a cruise around the island and watch Humpback Whales in their element, soak in the beauty of the tropical island at the Haleakala National Park and watch a romantic sunrise at 9,740 feet or just go crazy dining and shopping in Lahaina.

What to eat?

Unless you have a number of known allergies or don’t have the stomach for foreign cuisines, you must try local Hawaiian food to get a better feel for the island’s culture. Ask around for places that serve authentic Hawaiian plate lunches near your HOTEL though Da Kitchen in Kahului is famed with tourists and locals alike. Other notable eateries and restaurants on the island are Sam Satos in Wailuku, Hula Grill in Kaanapali and Moose McGillicuddy’s in Lahaina. Roy’s in Kahana and Kaanapali is known as a fine fusion dining option though a lot of people also swear by the local menu at the McDonald’s outlets on the island.

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June 30, 2016

Gulf Savannah – Outback Queensland


Journey to where the outback meets the sea in the Gulf Savannah – an epicentre of deep sea and inland fishing holes, surrounded by country towns rich in mining history and indigenous culture. Take a peak at one of Queensland's five World Heritage listed areas – Riversleigh Fossil Sites – where over 20 million years of evolution have been preserved in limestone deposits.

Fisherman’s paradise

  • Buy prawns straight from the trawler in Karumba or cook up a feast on the barbecues at Lake Belmore in Croydon.
  • Charter a plane from Burketown to Sweers Island to hook your own catch or try your luck in the inland lagoons in Normanton.

A visual feast

  • Fossick for gems at Mount Surprise near Einasleigh or view agates with all the hard work done for you in Forsayth.
  • Star gaze in Chillagoe and have your binoculars poised after monsoonal summer rains for birds in flight.
  • Witness the rare meteorological phenomenon of Morning Glory, cruise the mysterious waterways of Cobbold Gorge or view the scenery around Einasleigh from a carriage on the Savannahlander train.
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