May 24, 2016

5 Honeymoon games:spice it up


This is one of the simplest games but never fails to kindle the sensuality in the relationship. Make sure that your partner is blindfolded properly. Now you can start kissing lightly or touch with your finger tips, or with a feather. The game is that your partner has to guess where the next touch is going to be. Correct answer might be rewarded with a kiss, and a wrong one punished with a tickle or withholding kiss. This game can be sensualised more by using breathe instead of using anything to touch. Variation to this game by asking to guess what you are using to touch can be a nice twist.


This game also is best played with a blind fold. Assort a collection of food and drink, and cream, or fruits of your choice. Let your partner taste and tell what it is. Rewards and punishments are up to your imagination.

A nice twist can be, using edibles to be spread over your body, and helping your partner lick it up, and then guessing which part of the body was just licked for the edible. Make sure to use good quality edible and you are particularly clean before applying them.

Know each other:

Getting to know each other, each others passion, likes and fantasies can make your honeymoon a terrific affair.

Write or draw the favourite parts or features, and ask the other to guess. The prize may be a kiss, especially a kiss in the favourite place and a punishment can be withholding a kiss.

You can also do this for other important things in life, like favourite food, places, past-times also.

Roll the Die:

Use six pieces of paper to write down your favourite body parts with numbering, use another six to write your favourite actions like kiss, hug etc with numbers as well. Now ask your partner to roll the dice. Then pick up the same number paper stating your favourite body part and favourite action, and let your partner do the same. Say the die shows one, and one is neck and a kiss on the two chits, so you get a kiss on the neck. Take turns and enjoy the game.

Card/Board Games:

You can play lot of card games on honeymoon. Many are specially designed to be played on a honeymoon. But if you are not too interested in them, you can simply play poker, or rummy. Winner gets to kiss or hug or more naughty things that can be decided by both of you.

Games played on honeymoon, has only one aim in mind, to make you know and understand each other. Feel comfortable and become a team to face the future, to form a loving, caring bond between you. So play whatever makes you happy and naughty.

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May 23, 2016

Travel tips for a scintillating honeymoon during pregnancy for Women

Choosing the stage at which a pregnant woman wishes to travel

HoneymoonWhile in pregnancy

The first thing to consider for a pregnant woman is the time of travel. The first trimester of pregnancy can be a really difficult, especially with fatigue and sickness. Therefore, a majority of medical practitioners concur that the second trimester to be the most comfortable for travelling since a woman’s energy levels are improved apart from the fact that at this stage women are not heavily pregnant to make travelling really difficult or troublesome.

Taking maternity notes during travel

This is an important precaution that any pregnant woman must stick to while considering the option for travelling. These notes help a great deal in dealing with any pregnancy related contingency. This will also help the doctor equipped to deal with pregnancy related contingent situations to better understand a woman’s individual situation and problem. This also applies if a woman undergoing pregnancy chooses to travel to a destination in her home country.

Verifying individual airline regulations

If a pregnant woman wishes to fly to the honeymoon destination, she must inquire into individual airline regulations to know their respective policies for pregnant travelers. For example, British Airways allow pregnant women to travel up to the 36th week of their pregnancy (32 weeks if a woman is having more than one baby) but after the 28th week it requires pregnant women to obtain a certificate from their doctor or midwife affirming on it a tentative due date and the fact that there are no complications attached with the pregnancy.

Relaxation Time must not be ignored

Unless of course, pregnant women who are planning a beach holiday, where relaxation plays a prominent role anyway, it must be made sure that pregnant women are having sufficient relaxation at short intervals during a honeymoon trip. For example, if a honeymoon trip entails driving from one destination to another, the distances must not to be far between themselves, or if that’s not possible, care should be taken to ensure that a one or two hour stop for lunch is made in between long stretches of continuous driving.

Avoid Traveling to countries which require vaccination

One of the common travel advisories issued by valued medical institutions like the National Health Services consist of warning pregnant women from traveling to such destinations that are disease prone or require vaccination. The reason being that there is a high possibility that a harmful bacteria or virus contained in the jab may become a potential threat to the unborn baby. But just in case a pregnant woman is travelling to a destination that requires mandatory vaccination, it is always advisable to get vaccinated.

Opting for a Travel insurance compulsory during pregnancy

A Travel insurance always comes in handy while traveling to far off destinations, but it becomes all the more important when traveling with a pregnant woman. Since during a pregnancy, the chances of a medical emergency are quite high, the prospect of expensive treatment in a foreign destination must not be allowed to be a spot of bother. Hence, it is always advisable to verify that any travel insurance policy chosen must factor in the expenses that may be incurred during a pregnancy (at both foreign and domestic locations), which at times requires prior declaration from the person willing to be insured.

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May 20, 2016

How to have a safe honeymoon

1. Stay at government-recognized hotels or international chains

When visiting a country that you have never been to before, a great idea is to stay at a hotel or resort that is recognized by the government of the country or simply choose an international hotel chain to avoid being swindled.

2. Opt for prepaid transport

Prepaid transportation is a great way to save on being exploited by taxi operators when on your honeymoon. Using a prepaid taxi or buying passes for public transport will also help you carry the minimum amount of cash on your person.

3. Pack light

The best way to make your honeymoon really safe is to pack as light as you possibly can. Avoid bringing a bunch of expensive gadgets with you as well as clothes and shoes that you might only wear once in the trip.

4. Don’t be tempted to travel off the beaten path

A lot of newlyweds get in trouble on their honeymoon when they try to explore the places that aren’t on the map. As romantic as that sounds, doing so can get you lost, can get you mugged or even get you in trouble with the local authorities or the native wildlife!

5. Carry photocopies of your travel documents

Losing a passport and other travel documents can put a serious dent in your honeymoon fun. To be on the safer side, keep photocopies of these documents to be safe in case of an emergency.

6. Use travellers cheques

The best way to keep your cash and credit cards safe during your honeymoon is to use travellers’ cheques everywhere that you can.

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May 19, 2016

5 travel tips for a successful second honeymoon trip

1. Sit together and decide

There are chances that you can become over enthusiastic and settle down upon a destination for your second honeymoon that your spouse might not like much! If that happens then your honeymoon will never be a successful one. So, sit together with your partner and then make a decision of the destination that will serve best in renewing your love life again.

2. Do not make elaborate travel plans

While planning the second honeymoon do keep in mind that planning an elaborate travel plan might be exhausting for both of you. At the end of the journey both of you will become so worn out that you will not have the energy to enjoy each others’ romantic presence!

3. Avoid group tours

Stay away from group tours even if you think that you are getting things at economical rate. Traveling in groups will make both of you crave for each others’ togetherness throughout the journey, thus making your second honeymoon an unsuccessful one!

4. Avoid being too adventurous

A great advice to remember while planning for a second honeymoon is that being too adventurous might be detrimental for you! It is certainly nice to walk hands in hand in a lonely beach at the wee hour of the night. But take care of your security in the process too.

5. Arrange things beforehand

Prior arrangement of accommodation, tour guide, transportation facilities and similar such essentials will help you enjoy a hassle free second honeymoon which is filled with love and privacy. So, act accordingly.

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May 18, 2016

3 most adventurous honeymoon spots in India

1. Ladakh

One of the less crowded tourist spots in the country, Ladakh provides honeymooners with the chance to unwind and relax in its tranquil untouched surroundings while indulging in a number of adventurous activities. Activities like high altitude drives and hiking up in mountains are available all year round though the more intense activities like white water rafting are only open from July through August. Select tour providers also offer overnight camping services which allows couples to experience the beauty of the night sky.

2. Lakshadweep

One of the more unexplored regions in India, Lakshadweep islands offer honeymooners the chance to experience a range of water-based activities that could be amazingly adventurous for couples. Apart from providing options like relaxing along the beach, a honeymoon in Lakshadweep also lets couples indulge in snorkeling, scuba diving and exploring the abundant marine life of the Indian Ocean.

3. Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has always been a favorite with honeymooners in India though it has only recently become a prime spot for adventure-seeking honeymooners. The various forested regions and valleys of the state allow couples to trek through the wilderness and enjoy nature walks. Overnight camping is a popular adventure option that remains available for couples round the year though paragliding is only offered in select regions during the summers.

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May 17, 2016


Things to see in Colorado

Throughout the year, one can spend time in Colorado by spending the scenic beauty of countryside and spending the night time at towns. The history is very much alive in Colorado. The most famous Aurora history museum located at Arapahoe county and San Juan historical society and museum features the most treasurable artifacts of the state.

People of Colorado usually celebrate at the time of winter by enjoying winter carnival, ice- carving competition and lighting the lights in lighting ceremonies. Coloradans consider winter as their most privileged season to enjoy. The Vail snow daze of winter carnival is a fun-filled event held on streets of Vail village featuring street concerts, skiing and snow boarding events.

The gravity defying boulders, huge rocks through which tunnels are passing and red rocks defining the canyon is the national monument of Colorado and is situated between Fruita and Grand junction.

At 450 feet, independence monument is the canyons largest free standing formation and is the most epic landmark to visit.

Couples who love musics can also spend time by visiting the Red rocks amphitheater and visitor center in Morrison which features the autographed photos and guitars of famous artist such as John Denver and Beatles.

San Juan’s national park also features a hidden island lake which adds beauty for the nature lovers.

Denver’s botanical garden located at Denver is a place to visit for flower lovers. This botanical garden features most plants in the world ranging from small to big plants. Beside seeing the plantations, the concerts are also held here between the months of June to August.

The some other way to spend time is by traveling in rail in Colorado. Some of the scenic rail roads are listed below:

  1. Royal Gorge Route Railroad
  2. Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
  3. Pikes Peak Cog Railway
  4. Georgetown Loop Railroad
  5. Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad
  6. Rio Grande Scenic Railroad
  7. Cripple Creek & Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad
  8. Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
  9. California Zephyr Railroad

Where to stay

  1. Sonnenalp Resort, Vail contains 12 rooms and 128 suites for the tourist people.
  2. Hotel Jerome, Aspen is one of the most oldest and beautiful place to stay.
  3. Hotel Monaco Denver is popular among the couples and the business man.

What to taste and where to dine

Salt Bristro in Boulder offers an exciting dish dark chocolate caramel salt tart. This tart is made-up of coffee ice-cream with cracked cocoa bits and caramel thus making it a mouth watery dish to taste.

Game Creek Club, Poppies Bistro Coffee, Vesta Dripping Grill and La Petite Maison are the few other restaurants offering mouth watering and absolute delicious food.

Tea lovers can enjoy the time at hotel Brown Palace, Denver and at Boulder too.

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May 16, 2016

The Land of the Midnight Sun

The Land of the Midnight Sun is an unforgettable and beautiful place to visit. Natural beauty, historical monuments and modern, man-made structures offer the visitor a heart full of memorable memories. Like they say, the best things in life are free. Being abundantly blessed with natural beauty, Norway has beaches, parks, woods and mountains which you can enjoy for free.


The foremost among the natural beauties in Norway is the North Cape. This dramatic cliff located in the northern region of Finnmark offers breathtaking views and really ‘top’ sights. About a quarter million visitors come here every year and that speaks of its popularity. The Geirangerfjord experience comes packed with cliffs and waterfalls and no trip to Norway can be considered complete without a visit to Geiranger town. Most of the Scandinavian cruises have Geiranger on their itinerary. The visitor can go hiking, fishing, trekking and boating here.

If you are someone with a historical bent of mind, you would not want to miss the change of Royal Guard at the Oslo Palace. Held between 1:30pm to 2:10pm daily, the summer features mounted police officers and a military band too. Lillehammer, the venue for the 1994 Winter Olympics, would be a good place to visit in the summer too and has space for outdoor activities. You can get there via a pleasant 2 hour drive via the E6 from Oslo. The beautiful Lake Mjøsa is also nearby.

History buffs will also enjoy a walk through the town of Trondheim. Along with its many historical buildings, the town also has the largest sundial in the world, the Trondheim Torg.The Bryggen wharf in the town of Bergen is constituted by Hanseatic buildings from the 14th century. With more than 60 original buildings still standing, the wharf has been declared as a UNESCO heritage site.

When it comes to man-made wonders, the Holmenkollen Ski Jump is a must-visit. The FIS World Cup ski competitions are held here annually and the venue is rich with Norwegian skiing history. If also affords a breathtaking view of Oslo and the nearby fjord. The Vigeland park is a beautiful public park in the capital city which houses the works of Gustav Vigeland. More than 200 of his sculptures are on display here. The visitor center, the cafe and the souvenir shop will keep any tourist occupied. The T-Bane Majorstuen or tram 12 will get you here in Oslo.

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May 14, 2016

Top 3 forest honeymoon destinations in the world

1. Jerejak Rainforest Resort, Malaysia

Set amidst a virgin jungle, the Jerejak Rainforest Resort in Penang, Malaysia is refreshingly different that most nature retreats and combines just the right kind of luxury you need on your honeymoon with the perfect amount of seclusion from the hustle and bustle of city life. The resort sits right in the middle of an active rainforest which creates the perfect vantage point for enjoying the local flora and fauna though staying a Spa village can help you both maintain your newlywed glow perfectly too.

2. Bavarian Forest National Park, Germany

Located in the heart of central Europe right along the German-Czech border is the Bavarian Forest National Park that also boasts of an award winning eco-tourism facility as well. Perfect for long, relaxing nature walks as well as travelling through a less visited part of Europe, the forest provides visitors with a chance to see a side of the continent they might have only read about in books. Complete with medieval and beer festivals, the forest honeymoon destination allows couples to rent self-catering apartments or even book a home stay with a welcoming family.

3. Cedar Park Rainforest Resort Kuranda, Australia

Australian beach resorts have been a popular choice with honeymooners though folks looking for a slightly off-beat and more intimate location can travel to the Cedar Park Rainforest Resort Kuranda near Cairns and take in the breathtaking beauty and serenity of the World Heritage Rainforest located nearby. The forest resort is already very popular as a wedding destination and the unique combination of relaxing natural setting and modern amenities shows you just why that is.

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May 13, 2016

Top 10 Bora Bora Honeymoon Resorts

1. Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort and Thalasso Spa

USP: Known for its world class spa services and great rooms.

This resort has been tagged as one of the most eco friendly resort in Bora Bora. The staff services are exemplary and they leave no stone unturned to give you the time of your life. While staying here tourists can enjoy many amenities and activities like snorkeling, kayaking and canoeing. The spa uses sea water for therapies which replenishes body’s lost minerals.

2. Le Moana Bora Bora

USP: Houses several water bungalows including few which can cater to disabled people.

While in Le Moana, guests can take pleasure in beachfront privacy on Matira Point. The bungalows re extremely beautifully decorated. As a souvenir, you can take back home exotic artifacts displaying traditional Polynesian culture like mother of pearl engraving, tapa cloth making, bamboo weaving and wood working.

3. Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

USP: Offers world class service with professional staff and a great relaxing spa.

They have an array of romantic bungalows where visitors are treated in royal splendor. You can indulge in many fun activities like kite surfing the blue lagoon or simply watching sea turtles. The spa centers are famous for their hot volcanic stone massages. Other services include yoga, facials and body treatments.

4. Sofitel Bora Bora Motu Private Island

USP: Features beach side resorts as well as mountain side rooms.

If you want to spend a quite time with your beloved in a luxurious over the water bungalow, Sofitel is the place to go. The breath taking scenery of the magnificent blue lagoon from its rooms is spectacular. This is a place where you can go for active water sports as well as just lie down on the beach and laze around.

5. Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa

USP: Has beautiful views with tranquil blue waters.

It is located amidst beautiful lava rock formations. You can relax in a private Jacuzzi or watch marine life through its glass viewing panels or simply enjoy a romantic evening in a private waterside balcony. The ambience around will never let you down no matter what you do.

6. St Regis Resort Bora Bora

USP: Houses 40 water bungalows with private Jacuzzis and suites with their own beachside private pools.

Book a private villa amid striking pacific water and get ready to have a great time. The lagoon restaurant is a must visit. They have fitness arenas and a pool with a pool bar. You can do swimming, fly fishing and play tennis also.

7. Le Meridien Bora Bora

USP: One of the quintessential resorts in Bora Bora with beautiful over water bungalow huts.

Considered to be a paradise by many, the over the water bungalow radiates art deco designs. The coconut trees which chaste white sands make for an adventurous outdoors. Guests can enjoy turtle watching, beach volleyball and snorkeling.

8. Pearl Beach Resort and Spa

USP: Situated on Motu Tevairoa, it is popular for its unsurpassed view of Mt. Otemanu.

Visitors can choose from eighty terrific bungalows. The customer service is excellent. Couples can enjoy in the fresh water swimming pool with restaurant and pool bar. It also has boutiques from where guests can buy indigenous handicrafts. The sporting opportunities include mini golf, pedal boat rides, kayaking and snorkeling.

9. Novotel Bora Bora Beach Resort

USP: A perfect ‘all inclusive’ destination. Provides spacious rooms and picturesque views.

Novotel has a U shaped, tropical style, public building with a pool and palm trees around. The courtyard is lush with lily pond. The rooms have native wood furniture teamed up with queen size beds. The patio and balcony’s open up to a paradise like view. It also has private beaches and facilities for people with disabilities.

10. Bora Bora Lagoon Resort and Spa

USP: Offers 50 over water bungalows and 23 regular bungalows. Ideal place to enjoy water activities.

This absolutely gorgeous open air building is built in Tahitian style and resides on a secluded island. The rooms are comfortable with stunning décor. Tourists can enjoy shark feeding, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, swimming etc. And if all this is not enough for you, a beautiful sunset cruise will surely take your breath away.

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May 12, 2016

5 tips to choose the perfect place for honeymoon

1. Give ‘purpose’ your first priority

While planning on the honeymoon destination that first thing that must remain in your mind is the purpose of the tour. Always think that this is the journey post nuptial that will commence a new relationship. Therefore, you need to know each other more closely now. So, opt for a destination that renders enough privacy for this.

2. Make universal decision

The best honeymoon destination is the one that is preferred by both of you. So, never make the decision all alone, and always sit down with your spouse to select a place that will be the unanimous choice of both of you.

3. Moolah matters

Next vital thing to keep in mind is your budget. Select the locations that come within that budget and then make a choice of the best one among them.

4. Weather is crucial

Before leaving for the romantic tour, gather enough information about the weather of the destination and the climatic conditions that will prevail when you reach there. You need to pack clothing and other protective amenities on the basis of that.

5. Security

Last but of course not the least; try to get data on the security of the honeymoon destination you are heading to. Talk to your travel agent about this, have chats with couples you know who have already been there and search the net

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May 11, 2016

Amanjen: Luxurious Moorish-style oasis for honeymooners

The Marrakech and the Atlantic coast are just two hours away from this place. There is also a golf course which lies immediately alongside of Amanjena and to add to it there’s another second course which is known as the Royal Golf course situated just minutes away from the former.


There are many restaurants open to dinner and they consist of specialized authentic Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine. One of the best features of these restaurants are the soft lightings which give required amount of warmth to the rooms, olive trees are located beneath a commanding central skylight. During summer the dining seats are moved out doors and Thai restaurants located near summing pools are open for breakfast, dinner, and lunch. Guests can also enjoy private dining in their Pavilion. There is also room for special dinner or buffets to celebrate unique occasion.


There is a two storey library feature and also a six metre, double-volume ceiling. This library consists of a balcony which is situated in the second floor. There are light filters which cut light on varying levels into tadlekt walls. Also there is this section consisting travel books and board games. The tables of the library are made out of cherry wood stained to an ebony gloss.


The boutique is located within the cedar-ceilinged colonnade which embraces the main swimming pool. Many kinds of art products are also available like the Moroccan art and handicraft ranging from jeweler to djellabas. Some of these art products are exclusively made for Amanjena.


Amanjena’s spa consist of two Turkish style steam baths or commonly known as hammamas, complimented by washrooms, showers, a glassed in whirlpool and a dressing area. Now this whirlpool opens onto fountain courtyard by a two-meter pies wall.

Travel information


The official tongue of Morocco is Arabic, but the general version is much different from classical version. The major tongue of country is French and there are many other varieties of Berber languages spoken in all parts of the country. In Northern and Southern portions of the state Spanish is the most common language. English language is only limited to tourist areas.


Dirham is the currency of Morocco, i.e., subdivided into hundred centimes. One dirham is one ninth part of 1 U.S. dollars but the ratio fluctuates regularly. The travel cheques do not change even when the value of the currency changes.

Immigration requirements

VISA is not required for visitors from many countries but passport with a minimum of six month validity is necessary. The country provides 90 days stamps that allow visitors to settle for 90 days. For further information on visa or any stamp system you must contact a consulate or Moroccan embassy in your nation.


Morocco is a city with best medical facilities and is incredibly advanced in medical fields. You can consult any physician for any specific problem but usually no vaccination is necessary. Doctors are available 24*7, i.e., throughout the day. Drinking bottle water is only preferred. So even in case of any health emergency, you need not panic. There are doctors who are easily available in each and every locality.

Travel tips

Morocco is a city with standard household voltage of 220 volts and all two-pined European plug system. Marrakech the second largest urban/city of the world is also called as `Red city’ is situated in footsteps of the Atlas Mountain. The dress code is very modest and they expect visitors to follow their dress code and some other tradition. Even during winter the weather is pleasant.

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May 10, 2016

Lose your heart to San Francisco

Site of attraction in San Francisco

San Fransisco is the most sophisticated place in the California, where honeymoon couple can enjoy a lot. One can enjoy in San Francisco by spending time in restaurants and tasting the Californian wine. The couples can shop at the malls of union square. The other famous land marks of San Francisco are the golden gate bridge, cable cars and china town. The cable cars carry the tourist from lower part of the city to the Nob hills which was once the place where various multimillionaires business tycoons and celebrities had their home. One can also enjoy cycling on the crookedly designed Lombard Street.

Beaches and parks of San Francisco

Golden gate national recreation park is one of the most visited sites in the world with more than 13 million visitors per year. The ocean beach of San Fransisco has become the favorite destination for sea sports lovers. This beach is frequently visited by the surfers’ community and annually the competition is organized for them. Fort Funston, Lands end and Fort Mason are the other places which are most visited in San Francisco. Around 200 parks are preserved by the San Fransisco park and recreation departments and the most famous one is the golden gate park.

Sports and recreation in San Fransisco

San Francisco is the place where NFL (National Foot Ball league) was born and became popular all over the world. One can also enjoy sea sports at various beaches located here. The couple can enjoy the ferry rides and motor boat rides at the beaches for reasonable price.

Museums and Galleries

1. Asian Art Museum

2. M. H. de Young Memorial Museum

3. Mexican Museum

4. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

5. Center for the Arts at Yerba Buena Gardens

Where to stay and dine

The following places can be picked for newlywed couples to stay and dine.

1. Claudine open

2. Blue bottle

3. Four barrel

4. Hilton hotels

Other places of interest

The other places of interest includes San Fransico market center, Crocker Galleria, Embarcadero Center, The Cannery, Ghirardelli Square, Union Square and pier 39. The Ghiradelli Square is a paradise for chocolate lovers. Here very delicious homemade chocolates are available. Yerba Buena Square is the one of the largest shopping mall in the world where one can enjoy shopping and entertain them-self by watching movies in Multiplex.

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May 9, 2016

Enjoy a plush honeymoon in Las Vegas

Here is a description of some must-visit places at Las Vegas.

1. Bellagio

One of the most romantic experiences in Las Vegas is watching the Bellagio water show with your partner. The water show coupled with musical lights takes place opposite the Bellagio hotel. The light and water show is one of the most refreshing additions to the entertainment, which will enthrall your senses. It offers you exquisite combinations of lighting and music. If you want to get some cute photos clicked, then head to the Bellagio gardens.

2. Volcano Eruption

Another fascinating attraction at Las Vegas is the artificial volcano located at the Mirage. Started in 1989, the artificial eruption has become one of most popular tourist attractions on the Strip. Later in the year 1996, the new water, and sound and lighting effects were added to the volcano. You can enjoy the sight from 7 pm until midnight. A volcanic eruption takes place every 15 minutes and is indeed a treat for everyone’s heart.

3. Gondola Rides

When you want to get away from the hustle bustles of the city life, take the gondola rides on the Grand Canal. It will be truly a soothing and relaxing experience. This ride gives you a little experience of Italy as well as the indoor gondolas making its way beneath bridges through the Grand Canal Shoppes, beneath the picturesque shops and cafés. With the clear water below and sun over the head, this 14 minutes ride will bring some relaxation to your mind and heart.

4. Eiffel Tower Replica

This tower is a must-visit destination in Las Vegas. Inspired from the original Eiffel Tower, this tower stands tall attracting hundreds of tourists across the globe. From the vintage point of the tower, you can see breathtaking views of the city. You and your partner can have a cozy dine at the restaurant in the tower.

5. The Grand Canyon Tour

Get mesmerized by the beauty of the Grand Canyon; do not forget to take the Canyon tour that stops in historic Boulder City, the Hoover Dam and finally reach Lake Mead. This place is also popular as a photo-destination, so click some photos with your partner as a souvenir of your tour. You can experience enthralling magnificence of the Joshua tree forest and the startling Grand wash cliffs during this canyon ride. Once you are done with the 10 hrs boat ride, then the helicopter will take you both back to the peak.

6. Sky Diving

If you prefer adventures, then sky diving is one of the most interesting adventure you can try out in Las Vegas. However, opt for it only if your partner is comfortable with it. Remember, it is your honeymoon and both of you should enjoy every activity together. The stunning views of the city and then a free fall from a height of almost 10000 meters will be the best moment of your entire tour.

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May 7, 2016

10 do’s and don’ts for the honeymooners

1. If you have a surprise honeymoon plan for your spouse, then do keep in mind that you will ensure to recommend your spouse to carry the suitable clothes and required items according to your honeymoon destination.

2. As per your budget you can decide your honeymoon destinations. Also, many travel agencies do provide honeymooners with great offers that range from decent hotels, a spa therapy to private vehicles. Do make a proper budget planning and stick to it so that your honeymoon plan doesn’t change. Make sure that you do not put the entire budget burden on one because that may create some issues.

3. Before selecting an exact destination of your honeymoon, do check the climatic condition of the destination. Spain does have lot of great places to visit in summer and also in spring.

4. You can also book an airport lounge to take some rest before getting into flight, as many travel companies do provide you with these facilities.

5. Make a prior booking of spa treatment and hotels reservations, so that you and your partner don’t get disheartened after arrival.

6. Some hotels and restaurants do provide some special offers for couples, so you can just check whether your hotel do that.

7. Do ensure that you or your spouse is not carrying any device which will connect them to their offices or professional things. That will definitely lessen the interruptions in your honeymoon.

8. Do research and proper checking on activities like what all offers your hotels and travels companies are providing you with so that you and your partner get a proper idea about how your honeymoon trip will be.

9. Do keep in mind that you have married your love and be relax to enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest.

10. Do take a guide or say map for your honeymoon destination, if that place is totally unknown for you and your partner.


1. Try to avoid planning for honeymoons much before the wedding because honeymoon offers from hotels or from travel companies keep on changing. Always do a small research before deciding the honeymoon destination for your honeymoon. It has been noticed that hotels and travel companies keep on updating their honeymoon’s or any special offers in 6 months time.

2. Don’t fly off on honeymoon at the very next day or the same day of your wedding because mostly you and your spouse get tired after your wedding. So, make sure you plan your honeymoon 1 or 2 days after your wedding.

3. Don’t take others’ advices, rather ask your partner where she/he wants to go for honeymoon and also do some small research on the honeymoon destinations. It will surely going to make your honeymoon a great and an amazing trip.

4. Please don’t forget to take any required documents or vaccination before going for your honeymoon. Ensure that you and your partner had taken everything whatever you both may need in your honeymoon. Don’t forget to organize your honeymoon plan well.

5. Never go to the same place where your friend had visited for his/her honeymoon as that may not make your honeymoon trip great and adventurous. It will be like you are copying your friend and that is not a good idea.

6. Don’t plan an exhausting journey like planning a honeymoon for 3-4 days and you have a list of places to visit as you and your partner must have tired after the wedding. So, it’s better you calm down first and then plan and get ready to have a great and adventurous honeymoon.

7. Don’t forget to take your camera. Get a good camera so that you can capture your best moments and save them for the lifetime.

8. Never rely on your relatives for your honeymoon plans because you and your partner may end up in something else as said by experienced couples.

9. Try to stay away from hawkers and avoid carrying expensive stuffs with you to honeymoon places so that you can keep a safe distance from the robbers.

10. Don’t plan your honeymoon by yourself. It’s a combined decision of you and your spouse. Always remember that you are starting a new life with your partner and you both should have an amazing experience.

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May 6, 2016

10 Most romantic restaurants for honeymooners in Austin

Here are ten most romantic restaurants in Austin to celebrate your special moments of life with your lover or life partner.


1. Romeo’s, Barton Springs Road

This is one of the most famous Italian restaurants in the Barton Springs. Here you could find the most favorable charming and romantic environment. In fact, environment takes the main role during enjoying a romantic celebration. It is also stated that the precise restaurant is the topmost romantic hotel in Austin. A large number of couples come here to have a very special time. A huge selection of Italian dishes and drinks are provided here within an affordable price.

2. Driskill Grill, Brazos Street

The Driskill Grill is a stylish five-star restaurant and is one of the finest dining establishments in Austin. The restaurant is situated in the momentous Driskill Hotel in downtown. The stunning dining room has a typical as well as a historical look. The service is just excellent and the food is extremely delicious. One of the best parts of the restaurant is that it provides a variety of food menu to its guests.

3. Chez Zee, Balcones Drive

The Chez Zee restaurant is built in American style. The interesting thing is that the restaurant is awarded with a most prestigious award for its flawless service to its guests. If you are planning to celebrate your honeymoon in Austin, then never miss the chance to visit the particular restaurant. If you come here in December, then you would find it more special, as it gets more dazzling during the Christmas.

4. Jeffreys of Austin, West Lynn Street

The Jeffreys of Austin is 30 years old restaurant, but makes available most trendy food menus. It provides some exceptional foods those are rarely found somewhere. This special feature makes it more popular. The desserts and crispy oysters appetizer are some of the superb dishes available in Jeffreys of Austin. So, here you could have a nice time with your partner.

5. Hudson’s on the Bend, Ranch Road

Another gorgeous restaurant in Austin is the Hudson’s on the Bend. It provides the completely fresh and healthy foods. Here you could have food items like rich flavors fish and meat, wild boar, grilled venison chops, seared elk loin and chicken-fried antelope. It offers a lot of discount on the time of Valentine’s Day and so you must not let it go easily.

6. Chez Nous, Neches Street

Do you like French food? If you truly love French food items, then you must come in the Chez Nous restaurant. The restaurant was established in the year of 1982. So, it is quite old, but it is equipped with a number of fashionable decorations. Hence, you should not forget to come here during your Austin vacation to spend a romantic moment of your life.

7. Uchi, South Lamar Boulevard

Now, here it comes one more romantic restaurant in Austin. It is none other than the Uchi, which is located at the South Lamar Boulevard. It makes available most creative as well as innovative dishes. It is also renown for the most popular Japanese food items. Hence, you must come in Uchi to experience some innovative food items.

8. FINO, San Gabriel Street

FINO is moderately a new restaurant in Austin. However, it has some excellent features and those will definitely make you crazy. So, if you are confused where to go to celebrate the Valentine’s Day, then just come to FINO and experience the real pleasure of romance. The restaurant presents three-course dinner in Valentine’s Day. But you need to reserved seats previously.

9. The Melting Pot, Research Blvd Street

When we are talking about the most romantic restaurants, we should not forget the Melting Pot restaurant. If you truly want to see the real beauties of the restaurant, then you should come here in the night. You cannot imagine what an amazing menu and romantic environment you and your prater could have here.

10. Fonda San Miguel, W. North Loop Boulevard

Fonda San Miguel is established in 1975 and is the most romantic and legendary restaurant in Austin. Here you will be provided with nearly all kinds of food items. But, the Mexican dishes are the most delicious foods among all those. There is no doubt that the Fonda San Miguel restaurant could be the perfect choice for having a special moment.

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May 5, 2016

5 wedding night tips for the bride

1. Educate yourselfIf you have never been intimate with a man before, your wedding night would be a momentous occasion for you. Even if you have, being with your partner for the first time as a wife might make you nervous. However, the trick to overcoming wedding night jitters is to educate yourself properly. Ask your gynecologist, married friends or a trusted counselor on what you can expect on your wedding night.

2. Good grooming builds confidence

A good way to keep your confidence high on your wedding night is to groom yourself to the tees. This would include a full body exfoliation and moisturizing apart from the standard mani-pedi and facial care.

3. Talk to your partner

A good way to make sure that your wedding night goes smoothly is to keep touching bases with your partner. If you haven’t had any time alone with your partner during the wedding, schedule a 15-20 minute pre-nooky date to heighten intimacy.

4. Keep stress at bay

A wedding night is supposed to be a magical landmark in every bride’s life and it deserves to be a special as it can get. Light candles and incenses, pop some champagne and invite your new husband to join you in a luxuriant bubble bath to make the event unforgettable.

5. Use afterglow to make a lasting connection

A lot of people underestimate the power of pillow talk but the fact remains that the connection you make during afterglow could help you pave the way for a long and happy marriage. However, new brides would need to allow the conversation to develop more naturally rather than forcing it on their husbands.

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May 4, 2016

Best time to visit major honeymoon destinations

Here is the list of top 10 honeymoon destinations of the world:

1. Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the favorite places for most couples irrespective of the occasion. Winter season is best for visiting Hawaii when there are loads of packages available and you can choose the best that suits you. Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches. Hawaii is a perfect place for honeymoon where you can forget all the busy official schedules, which you have and just enjoy with your better half.

2. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a place to celebrate any occasion. Honeymoon would just be great and something to cherish for the rest of your lives. Some people go to extreme levels and even get married in Las Vegas. There is no best time for this place, as throughout the year there is a massive inflow of tourists. You can go anytime and enjoy with your loved one.

3. Costa Rica

Costa Rica comes as the best option for honeymoon during the months from November to March when the climate is tropic with less rain. Tourism is at its peak during this time so it would be little crowded and also the prices would be high. Apart from these issues, Costa Rica offers some fantastic places to spend time with your loved one. Visit some of the best beaches. Have a sun bath and stroll across the sandy paths.

4. Australia

Australia is lovely place to have a honeymoon vacation. The vast country offers a lot to see from Queensland to Australian Outback. Sydney is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the country. With a country that boasts of one of the longest coastlines, there are several beautiful and pristine beaches that might suit you perfectly. May to October are the best months to visit most areas in Australia.

5. Tahiti

Over the last few years, Tahiti has gained strong popularity as a honeymoon destination. The island is full of place to explore, amazing waterfalls, beautiful forests and lovely beaches, what else can you ask for to spend a memorable honeymoon with your loved one. The best places to visit Tahiti would be from June to October.

6. Paris

Paris is a fabulous place to have a honeymoon vacation as well. With loads of options to see in the city, Paris is the ultimate holiday destination for anyone. A honeymoon in Paris can be an icing on the cake. May, June and September are the best months to visit this place as the climate suits perfectly for everyone. Visit some of the best art galleries in the world and don’t forget you can go and visit Paris just for the Eiffel tower.

7. Ireland

Ireland is a place where you will always be short of time for visiting new and beautiful places. How long your vacation might be, you will not find enough time at all. Summer months especially May and June are the best months for a honeymoon vacation to the place. Rest of the year it is very cold in there. If you do not mind the chilly weather you might also try the off season, that would reduce your budget by a very good margin.

8. U.S. Virgin Islands

U.S Virgin Islands is the best place to relax and while away time holding each other hands. The beautiful and sandy beaches here offer a serene environment that suits perfectly for honeymoon vacation. Some very good resorts and hotels are present that would take care of your accommodation worries. You have the botanical garden which is a nice place to explore for a couple. Winter months are the best to visit this place as the climate suits perfectly. It would neither be hot neither too cold. Perfect weather for a perfect couple!

9. Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands is the best honeymoon destination in Caribbean region. The best season for a romantic gateway with your couple would be the winter months from November to March. The Islands are one of the best preserved places out of all the islands in the region. There are loads of activities that you can do here along with your loved one. Snorkeling and scuba diving are the most popular things here in Cayman Islands.

10. Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places where you can have your honeymoon. Thousands of couples visit each year during summer, which is the best place to visit this place. Snow capped peaks and numerous counties located on the mountains offer you a beautiful honeymoon with your loved one. Plan your visit between April to May which is just ideal for a vacation.

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May 3, 2016

10 Best Alaska Honeymoon Cruises

1. Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises group commenced under joint venture of Royal Caribbean International with Celebrity Cruises Ltd. Celebrity Cruises are ranked among world’s best Alaska honeymoon cruises. It has cozy passenger cabins of celebrity cruises and has the best state of the art facilities. It employs one customer friendly staff associate to look after two guests or one couple. On board luxury facilities on Celebrity Cruises include luxury suites, multiple dining options, tasty gourmets, exotic spa treatments and entertaining staff service.

2. Carnival Cruise Line

It is the cruises for short vacations. Carnival Cruise Line is also called as “Fun Ship” that is loaded with entertainment, in Las Vegas style. It carries variety of fun oriented activities and stylish on board lodging. Couples will feel excited to be on it.

3. Crystal Cruises

Crystal honeymoon cruises have earned a reputation for being multi luxury cruise liners. They have attracted passengers who crave to explore beautiful Alaska and Caribbean region. Couples going on Crystal cruises can have their honeymoon assisted with stylish dressing. They will have a cruise credit up to $2,000 besides enjoying exotic food and mind blowing beverages.

4. Norwegian Cruise Line

This liner is one among free style honeymoon cruises. It enables honeymoon couples to enjoy an exotic travel on the sea in Alaska. Norwegian Cruise Line offers free style dining in Asian, French, Italian and Mediterranean formats at chosen spots of the cruise. Couples can enjoy superb on board facilities at fitness centers, swimming pools, spa centers and casinos. It’s all about have fun, fun and only fun.

5. Holland America Line

Couples seeking to travel on a quiet cruise with fewer people and all luxuries are recommended to choose Holland America Line. It provides matching on board activities and fun that is compatible with interests of honeymoon couples. It is among those honeymoon cruises with extra space and few guests.

6. Honeymoon Resorts

Honeymoon Resorts provides exclusive quality offers on honeymoon cruises. Newly married couples can feel themselves being in heaven at Honeymoon Resorts while exploring beautiful Alaska. This luxury cruise liner is furnished with cozy boarding facilities. It enables lovers to have a memorable vacation amidst sumptuous food, romantic views and stylish boarding.

7. Pearl Sea Cruises

Pearl honeymoon cruises have created a unique style of luxurious boarding for traveling on sea. They sail over oceanic tides smoothly with advanced navigation technology. Honeymoon lovers coming on these cruises can enjoy fully stabilized suites, spacious balconies, spas, gourmets, sports, reading facility and Satellite TV.

8. Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International is a nice luxury cruise with unique luxury facilities. It has the best state of art boarding, delicious feasting and multiple varieties of entertainment.

9. Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Regents Seven Seas honeymoon cruises offer affordable honeymoon vacation plans. They provide 6 star cruise facility with exotic travel facilities. They also provide off shore excursions trips and other natural adventures.

10. Princess Cruises

Being a premium provider of honeymoon cruises, Princes Cruises takes care of every aspect of a pleasant honeymoon vacation at sea. It gives a royal style vacation with luxurious boarding. This luxury cruise has advanced facilities of entertainment. It provides sumptuous food and dining facilities.

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May 2, 2016

Top 10 most exciting honeymoon destinations across Africa

1. Kenya

The chief ports in Kenya tout long stretches of shinning white sand beaches and some extraordinary wild game. You can opt for 2-3 days trip to Tsavo National Park, which is the first and largest game reserve in Kenya. There are various other game parks that can be explored. An excursion around the historic Old Town offers some fantastic views of carved houses and intricate mosques. You can also visit to the 16th century Fort Jesus during your trip.

2. Namibia

Located off the Atlantic coastline of Africa, Walvis Bay is one of the popular holiday towns in Namibia. This deepwater harbor is a retreat for sea vessels and various luxury cruises. However, the deep waters are rich in marine life and plankton. A large numbers of whales are seen in the waters.

3. Zimbabwe

A luxurious Zimbabwe cruise and safari along with the various beautiful sights of the city offers a lifetime experience. Zimbabwe is renowned for its mighty Victoria Falls (a declared World Heritage Site), several wildlife sanctuaries and exciting game reserves. You must visit Hwange National Park, which is known as one of the biggest elephant sanctuaries. Also, take a trip to Matobo Hills – one of popular tourist attractions. It is known for the stunning granite rock formations as well as ancient rock paintings. Have a romantic experience while cruising the awe-inspiring Zambezi River.

4. Tanzania

Idyllic beaches and excellent cruise add spice to your Honeymoon in Tanzania. The passionate appeal of this place is indeed endearing. That is the why it has been developed into a honeymoon destination. Charming sceneries and various adventures will accompany you throughout your Honeymoon in Tanzania.

5. Botswana

If you opt for a honeymoon in Botswana, then you will surely experience some of the most luxurious and unique honeymoon destinations in Africa. Don’t forget to try the Botswana cruise which offers some of the most romantic honeymoon experiences. The destination provides privacy and exclusivity to its visitors making it a perfect honeymoon destination. The cruise accommodation is breathtaking and opulent.

6. Uganda

If you planning to take a trip to Uganda to celebrate your honeymoon, then be prepared to enjoy trekking over the attractive mountains. Honeymoon in Uganda cruise will definitely provide you various opportunities to catch up the wild chimpanzees. This green haven situated in the heart of Africa, Uganda, which is the meeting point of the West African Jungle and eastern Savannah.

7. South Africa

Cape Town, Richards Bay and Durban are the major ports for starting a South Africa cruises. When you are in Cape Town, you can take a ride to the top of Table Mountain by a cable car and enjoy some fantastic city views. You can also take a half-day tour to the wine country. The golden stretches of Durban are crowded with the shops and flea markets along the waterfront attract numerous bargain hunters. If you want to enjoy a Zulu trip then head straight to Richards Bay. While you are on a South African cruise passengers take some time off to join safari excursions and enjoy game-viewing parks.

8. Zambia

Zambia is renowned for its exciting wildlife parks, the well-known Victoria Falls, the imposing Muchinga Mountains and contiguous rivers, lakes and swamps abundant with astounding wildlife. You can experience thrilling challenges while exploring the raw edge of Zambia. On your Zambia cruise holiday, you will explore wonderful sights, sounds and the minimalism of its charm!

9. Rwanda

Rwanda located on the highest African Plateau is known as a land a thousand hills. The undulating mountains ever are covered by mist every morning forming good scenery. It is divided by the Rift valley and provides natural habitat for more than 600 bird species and the renowned mountain gorilla National parks. Akagera National park is located in its east and Nyungwe Forest is in the south. The Volcanoes National park is located in the north of the country and borders Congo and Uganda.

10. Malawi

Malawi is known to be one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Whether you are watching a spectacular sunset over the ‘Lake of Stars’ or sipping some gin in a lavish tented camp or trekking through the thriving forests on summit of Zomba Mountain, you will fall more in loe with Malawi. It is the perfect destination to enjoy your honeymoon.

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April 30, 2016

Hotel Capella Pedregal

1. Guest bedrooms

The hotel has 66 rooms. All rooms are well-furnished and air-conditioned. The rooms have various facilities: voice mail, clock radio, climate control, in-room safe, phone etc. The bathroom of the rooms have hair dryer, complimentary toiletries, bathrobes etc. LCD television is fitted in each room. The rooms have internet connection.

2. Hotel Facilities

Capella Pedregal has a large restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Guests can also avail the option of room service. The hotel has a modern hair salon and a good library. The honeymooners can go for swimming together in the outdoor pool and spend some romantic moments in a tranquil environment. Spa/wellness facilities are also available in this hotel. The internet options at Capella Pedregal are free for the guests.

3. The View

Capella Pedregal allows you to have a wonderful view of the natural beauty outside the hotel. The guests can access the private beach cove of the hotel. Guests get a lifetime opportunity of watching the Atlantic Ocean meet the Pacific Ocean from the beach here.

4. Services

Capella Pedregal provides world-class service to its guests, which includes luxurious accommodations and guess what, a butler. The butler will help you in unpacking your bags and will be at your service round the clock. He will cook special breakfast for you. The butler will do anything for you, even getting your shoes mended.

5. Dining and cooking

The foods here are prepared by qualified and experienced chefs. Their menu is not stingy and it has several delicious recipes to satisfy your taste buds. Do not forget to taste their sweet corn soup. The best part is that the chefs also share the recipe with the guests. You will receive the recipe in your room. The guests can also learn how to cook the soup and other delicacies by visiting their kitchen during home-style cooking classes. The guests are allowed to try their hand at cooking under the guidance of expert chefs.

6. Exercise and health

The hotel has a fully equipped gym which is good for those honeymooners who are cautious about their fitness. The hotel provides full access to its guests to the gym. You can watch the beautiful ocean while sweating out in the state-of-the-art gym. You can also avail the services of personal trainer who will give you tips related to exercising. They will also come up with a diet plan for each guest.

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